About the Thermocouple Products Division (TCP)

As a leader in the manufacturing of temperature sensors for over 45 years, the Thermocouple Products division of Marsh Bellofram (TCP) has succeeded in building strong working relationships with our customers.

Our long history of close customer collaborations has yielded many innovative new ideas. By relentlessly pursuing solutions for the marketplace, TCP has developed several significant innovations. Several of our “firsts” include: Subminiature thermocouple connectors, high pressure wave rings, multi-point thermocouples and color coded ceramic connectors. TCP also designed and patented the exclusive “Knife Edge” design which is used in our “Tube-Temp” thermocouple. The Tube-Temp is the most accurate measurement device for fired heater and industrial boiler tubes on the market.

TCP believes that no project is too large or too small. Difficult applications are always welcome. Whether its a standard job or a custom job, TCP will meet your needs. Providing quality products has been, and remains a cornerstone at TCP. We closely follow testing and inspection procedures. In fact, TCP is one of the few companies to perform X-ray inspection on all of our welded junctions. We offer not only hard film, but real time video X-ray as well. Our quality program meets standards that are recognized worldwide.

TCP is easily accessible through direct calls to our factory or through our distributors. Both our sales personnel and our distributors can offer you technical support. With over 50 sales locations throughout the world TCP offers global sales support.