VCFP96M Multi-Meter

The VCFP96M is a complete single phase and three phase digital metering system suitable for low, medium and high voltage control panels, gensets, load banks, building management systems and power management systems. The VCFP96M can be used on single phase, three phase three wire as well as three phase four wire balanced or unbalanced systems. The six easy to access front control keys are used for scrolling up or down through the parameters being measured and displayed such as voltage, current, power factor, power (active, reactive, apparent), energy and frequency. Output specifications include pulse output and RS485 Modbus RTU communication protocol compatible with PC, PLC, RTU, data loggers and SCADA programs. The VCFP96M is available in a 96 x 96 mm panel mount housing (front panel IP65) with red led display for easy viewing in a variety of conditions.


• 3Ø True RMS (Voltage, Current)
• 3Ø Power (Active, Reactive, Apparent), Energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent)
• Programmable CT/PT Primary/Secondary
• CT Polarity Error Detection
• Variable Pulse width Selection
• Single Phase Network with Phase Selection
• Modbus RTU Communication (RS485)
• Neutral Current Measurement
• THD Up to 31st Level.
• Single Pulse Output / Demand Phase Sequence Detection