UPA-130 Test Power Alert

Based upon the tried-and-true UPA-130, the UPA-130 TEST Universal Power Alert reduces the risk of electrical arc flash by pre-verifying the electrical isolation from outside of a control panel. Hard-wired to the circuit breaker or main disconnect, the UPA flashes whenever voltage is present. Engineered with redundant circuitry, the Power Alert is powered by the same voltage that it indicates. In addition to the standard UPA-130 functionality, the UPA-130 TEST incorporates an integrated absence of voltage test method to ensure no voltage is present and that the device itself (wiring, LEDs) are functioning properly.

The UPA-130 TEST has 12 LED indicators. The eight detector UPA-130 visually alerts to the presence of dangerous AC or DC (Store Energy) potentials occurring between any combination of the four monitored
input lines (L1, L2, L3, GND). Two LED indicators are assigned to each input line and are designated “+” and “-”. For each input line carrying an AC potential (bi-polar) , both the “+” and “-” LEDs will
be active. A DC or Stored Energy potential will illuminate the “+” LED for the positive line and the “-” LED for the negative line.

The four additional LEDs indicate the absence of voltage TEST functionality:
indication of voltage above the low end of the operational range, indication of voltage below the low end of the operational range or indication of no voltage present, indication of low charge, and indication of charging. In order to initiate an absence of voltage test, the magnet (included) is waved in front of the unit near the “TEST” symbol. The UPA-130 TEST requires no batteries and will allow for 1-2
tests after a 15-minute charge and will be fully charged in 1 hour.

The UPA-130 Series is UL Listed under UL File Number E55826.



• Verification of Absence of Voltage Down to 20V
• Verification of Stored Energy Inside A Panel
• Fits 30mm Knockout
• Redundant Circuitry
• 20-600 VAC, 20-1000 VDC