TDU Series Programmable Multi-Mode Relay Output

The TDU Series is one of the most versatile single timers available today. One model replaces forty-eight industry standard devices; 4 wide delay ranges x 6 most common modes of operation x 2 supply voltages—since they will operate on both AC and DC. The CMOS digital circuitry provides high accuracy, repeatability and fast reset times. The heavy duty relays are rated for continuous operation at 10 amps. All programming is easily accomplished externally by using one or more jumpers between designated base pins—no trap doors to open, no switches to set, no disassembly required.



  • 6 Modes of Operation
  • Jumper Selectable Range & Mode
  • Timing Ranges from 0.15 Sec to 64 Minutes
  • Knob or Lock Shaft Adjustments for Max. Delay Percent
  • High Repeat Accuracy