TBU Programmable Multi-Mode DIP Switch TDR

The TBU Programmable Multi-Mode DIP Switch TDR from the ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation offers the accuracy of DIP SWITCH delay ranges “A” through “E” as well as the user programmable model, DIP SWITCH delay range “P,” with 4 different ranges obtainable by either leaving 2 designated terminals unconnected or by connecting them to the appropriate terminals. The 6 most common modes of operation are easily selected by the use of one or more jumpers applied externally between designated base pins as outlined below. These features, coupled with 6 most popular supply voltages, make this timer one of the most versatile and cost effective Time Delay Relays available today. The CMOS digital circuitry provides high accuracy, repeatability and fast reset times.

DIP Switch Operation: Digital selection of the time delay is accomplished by the use of ten (10) binary switches, each marked with a time increment. The time periods, of which there are five (5) ranges, represented by each switch in the ON position is added together to obtain the desired time delay. No more trial-by-error adjustments.



  • 6 Modes of Operation
  • DIP Switch Models Range from 0.1 Sec to 1,023 Minutes
  • LED Glows when Relay Energized
  • High Repeat Accuracy