PBC Series 3-Phase Voltage Band Monitor

The PBC Series 3-Phase Voltage Band Monitor from the ATC Diversified Electronics division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation offers protection to three-phase equipment that is required to operate between two voltage limits. All three phases are monitored individually for a pre-selected under and over voltage limit.

With normal operating voltages applied, the internal relay will energize (PICK-UP). When the voltages on any or all phases fall outside the preset Over/Under trip points for longer than the Release delay, the relay will de-energize (DROP-OUT). When line conditions return to normal, the PBC Series Monitor automatically resets and the internal relay energizes.

The LED fault indicators aid in set up and system trouble-shooting glowing on fault condition. The LED indicators have an immediate response to voltage conditions and operate independently of the relay. The HYSTERESIS in each unit provides a differential of 4% between the PICK-UP and DROP-OUT trip points.



  • 3-Phase Voltage Band Monitor
  • All 3-Phases are Individually Monitored
  • Models Available up to 700 VAC Maximum Voltage
  • Lock Shaft Adjustments for:
    · Under Voltage Trip Point
    · Over Voltage Trip Point
  • Automatic Reset