MAR Series Motor Auto-Restart Relay


Monitors 120 vac 50/60hz control voltage.
SPDT Output Relay, Pilot Duty B150, 360VA 10 amps @ 120 vac resistive.
8 pin and 11 pin plug-in models.
Adjustable under-voltage and restart delay settings.
Operating temperature of 0 deg C to 55 deg C


In order for an industrial facility to minimize production losses and maintain a process running after the occurrence of a momentary drop or interruption of power, the MAR series motor auto-restart relay can provide automatic motor restarting as a solution due to this type of event. After a momentary drop in control voltage, motors will be automatically reenergized within a predetermined time and therefore order when voltage is restored. Industrial plants and facilities such as Oil and Gas refineries where numerous critical motors operate are considered to be a candidate for automatic motor restarting.