CT Series Current Transformers

The CT Series Current Transformers are of the inserted primary type with the secondary toroidally wound over a core of oriented electrical steel. The windings are carefully insulated. The entire transformer is then dipped in PVC insulation compound which insures maximum protection against moisture, acids, alkaline, oils and abrasive particles. The securely fastened 24” 14 AWG leads are identified to the extent that the secondary current leaving the CT Series Current Transformer through the white lead is in phase with the primary current when the primary conductor enters the CT from the side identified by the black dot. To prevent shock and transformer damage, it is important that the secondary leads always form a continuous circuit when the current is flowing in the primary. An External CT Series Current Transformer may be used to extend the range of the AC Current Monitors.



  • 600 Volt Insulation
  • 25 – 400 Hz Operation
  • 25/5 to 2500/5 Amperes
  • Optional Mounting Bracket (Add Suffix-B to part number)