AC-800 Series Star Performer Timer

The ATC Diversified AC-800 Series Star Performer Timer is a Delay On Make Timer, providing short cycle protection of compressors by delaying restart after a voltage or control circuit interruption. When the interruption occurs, the control relay drops out. The delay period begins when power is restored, providing random restart.

This universal voltage Delay-on-Make Short Cycle Timer provides the ultimate protection against short cycling of a compressor. The Star Performer offers true thermostat interruption protection even in 24 VAC control circuits.

The general conception of thermostat operation is that when the mercury tilts open, all control circuit current stops. The fact is that the cooling anticipator located inside most 24 volt thermostats does allow a small amount of current to flow (trickle current). This trickle current fools most Delay-on-Make Short Cycle Timers, as they will not reset as a result of this continuous current.

The AC-800 Series STAR PERFORMER timer is engineered to provide true thermostat interruption protection even when the trickle current is present. The adjustable delay is ideal for providing random starting in multiple equipment installations. NOTE: When used on 120/240 VAC control circuits, the external jumper should be cut. This disables the 24 VAC bypass circuit. AC-800 Star performer



  • Delays Compressor Restart after Voltage or Control Circuit Interruption
  • Adjustable Time Delay
  • True Thermostat Interruption