Type 2000 and Type 2000 EX I/P and E/P Transducers

The Marsh Bellofram Type 2000 is a highly robust E/P transducer with typical full-scale accuracy of 0.1%, designed to provide precise electronic pressure control of humid (non-condensing) and oil-laden process gases within harsh industrial environments.

With a unique design that incorporates a patented, hermetically sealed piezoceramic Dimorph and isolated electronics, the Type 2000 pressure transducer regulates an incoming supply pressure down to a precise output that is directly proportional to an electrical control signal, with available pressure ranges to 120 PSIG. In addition, the Type 2000 features a top-mount cover, which provides access to field-configurable inputs and outputs, direct/reverse acting/ranging, which allows the transducer to regulate to maximum output at minimum input; and split/full ranging capabilities. Units also feature IP66 environmental sealing for added durability. The uniquely rugged construction of the Type 2000 facilitates exceptional performance and longevity, making it ideal for use within corrosive environments. This design also eliminates many of the performance issues seen in other industry piezoceramic pressure transducers, such as electronic range of authority, arcing, silver electrode migration, electrode micro cracking, de-poling, and low voltage-to-work density.



  • ±0.1% of full-scale output typical (0.25% guaranteed); includes effects of hysteresis, dead band, and repeatability
  • Patented, Hermetically Sealed Piezoceramic Dimorph and Isolated Electronics
  • Available Pressures to 120 PSIG (Zero Based)
  • High Immunity to EMI/RFI
  • Insensitivity to Extreme Temperature and Supply Pressure Fluctuations
  • Insensitivity to Extreme Vibration and Orientation
  • NEMA 4X, CE, and FM and ATEX (Intrinsically Safe) Approved Versions (S Model)
  • Explosion-proof and Dust-ignition Proof Versions (EX Model)