Mounting Options & Accessories

To ensure the best performance capabilities of our pressure regulators and controllers, Marsh Bellofram offers a variety of directly compatible cordsets, converters, power suppliers, control knobs, external volume boosters and other accessories. All are field tested and proven for their reliability and durability. For more information about available products and accessories, please contact your local Marsh Bellofram technical sales representative or distributor.


DC Power and Analog I/O
Required on all Marsh Bellofram Type 3200 and Type 3500 transducers
Single-ended cordset with 6-pin female M12 micro-style connector

DC Power and Analog I/O
Required on Z-option for the Marsh Bellofram Type 3215 transducer
Single-ended cordset with 4-pin female M12 micro-style connector

Serial RS-485
Required on all Marsh Bellofram Type 3500 Serial RS-485 transducers
Single-ended cordset with 4-pin female nano-style connector

Required on all Type 3500 DeviceNet transducers. Single-ended cordset with 5-pin female M12 micro-style connector


RS-232 Converter
Converts Type 3400 and Type 3500 serial RS-485 interface to RS-232

USB Converter
Used in combination with RS-232 converter, allows connection of the Type 3400 or Type 3500 serial to USB port


Power Supplies and Control Knobs
A pair of 15 VDC circuit-card power supplies is available for integration of Type 3000 transducers into 120 VAC systems. The ZMS-JR powers a single Type 3000; the ZMS15-2 powers up to 2. In addition, the ZMS15-2 can control a pair of Type 3000 transducers with 0-10 V when combined with the P1 Control Knob.

The ZMSJR is rated at 375 mA maximum output; the ZMS15-2 at 750 mA. Connections are made via removable terminal blocks. Both power supplies are short circuit protected, and mounted in trays for easy DIN rail mounting. The ZMSJR (without DIN tray) can also be standoff mounted. AC power cords are included. The ZMSJR has a 3.6″ X 3.1″ (91mm X 79mm) footprint and is 2.6″ (66mm) high when mounted in its DIN tray; the ZMS15-2 is 5.4″ X 3.1″ (137mm X 79mm) and 2.7″(69mm).


Remote Pressure Sensors (RPS)
The Marsh Bellofram Remote Pressure Sensor (RPS) is designed for connection to the second loop output of the Type 3000. When used to monitor pressure at the output of an external volume booster, or directly at the user’s remote application, the RPS sensor increases overall accuracy and speed of response to downstream changes.  Sensors are available in pressure ranges from vacuum to 1,000 psig, with choice of 0-10 V or 4-20 mA field adjustable RPS outputs. Units are designed to reliably operate over a temperate range of 0 to +50°C.

RPS 4-20 mA versions require 12-24 VDC external power, while 0-10 V versions require 15-24 VDC.  The overall footprint of the RPS weatherproof housing is 1.8″ wide X 2.6″ tall.  (Note: for pressures above 300 psig (20.68 BAR), extended height housing is required.) The RPS can be directly mounted to the application with its male 1/4″ NPT pneumatic connection, or with the SPC-MB1 bracket (available separately).


External Volume Boosters
Volume Boosters increase the flow capacity of electro-pneumatic transducers, leading to faster response time and increased ability to remain at set-point. Low-flow transducers (Types 3210, 3220, 3510, and 3520) can be mounted on the volume booster of your choice. To specify this option, simply add the booster’s two-letter code to the Options field of the Type 3000 part #. The RPS sensor can be used with two-loop transducers (Types 3120, 322X, 3420, and 352X), closing the loop to the booster’s output and increasing overall accuracy. When the distance between transducer and volume booster is large (e.g., when the transducer is mounted in a cabinet and the booster is installed directly at the application), one of the high-flow transducers (e.g., Type 3211 or Type 3512) can drive the booster over distance.

Additional boosters:  The X booster is the Marsh Bellofram Type 20EXHR. It utilizes two-stage technology to maintain set-point over a wide range of flows (Note: minimum output is 2 psig or 0.14 BAR). The Z booster is the Marsh Bellofram Type 75HR. The N booster is the Marsh Bellofram Type 79. Consult the documentation for these products for more information. The Q boosters are ultra-high flow boosters. The V booster can be used with vacuum versions of the Types 3210, 3220, 3510 and 3520. Flow capacities are for comparison purposes only. Forward flow is typically measured at 100 psig (6.9 BAR) supply and 80 psig (5.52 BAR) output. Exhaust flow is typically measured at 5-10 psig (0.35 to 0.69 BAR) above 20 psig (1.38 BAR) set-point.