Filter Regulator Lubricator Assemblies (FRLs)

Filter Regulator Lubricator Assemblies from Marsh Bellofram are designed with economy and convenience in mind. Units are available in 0-30, 0-60, and 0-120 psi output pressure ranges and 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ NPT pipe sizes with a maximum supply pressure of 145 psi.A variety of miniature, standard and high-flow sizes are available to suit most application requirements. Other options include 5 or 50 micron filters and manual, semi-automatic and automatic drains. Available modular designs allow for easy as-needed maintenance and swap-out of the filter regulator or lubricator. Regulator components incorporate the patented Bellofram Rolling Diaphragm, as well as a metal body, polycarbonate bonnet, non-rising adjustment knob, and panel, pipe or bracket mounting capabilities.

Filter Regulators have the same features as the regulators with the addition of polycarbonate bowls, 5 or 50 micron filters, and with manual, semi-automatic or automatic drains. Lubricators feature polycarbonate bowls, with field- settable dials providing variable lubrication between 0 and 90 drips per minute.



  • Modular design for service and interchangeability
  • Miniature (M1) and standard (M2)
  • Small package size and light weight construction
  • Compact package size and lightweight construction
  • Competitively priced