F200 Pilot Operated Gas Pressure Regulator

The F200 Pilot Operated Gas Pressure Regulator from BelGAS is a manual, direct acting, self-operating, spring loaded, adjustable gas pressure regulator.  The F200 is used in applications where pressure reduction is required.  The pilot operated pressure regulation capability of the BelGAS F200 can help to reduce the risk of shock caused by abrupt changes in downstream conditions. This is especially useful, in helping to prevent safety equipment from shutting down an operation.

For a map of the typical operation of the BelGAS F200 Pilot Operated Gas Pressure Regulator, please click here.




  • External or internal pressure registration
  • Minimize sudden downstream load changes
  • Quick response time
  • High accuracy
  • Ideal for fix factor billing


  • Compressors
  • Gas engines
  • Service regulators
  • Steam/air/water
  • City gate/district gate/air
  • City gate/district gate/boiler pressure
  • General purpose