Panel Mounting Adapter Kits

Improve installation Appearance


72mm2 Panel mounting Adapter Kits: When panel cutouts already exist, these adapter kits allow easy mounting of ATC’s newer 72mm2 units. Two kits are available. One makes easy replacement of round panel cutouts, from early Eagle Signal and ATC products. The other allows cutouts from older Durant, Veeder Root and Red Lion products to be reduced to the compact 72mm2 size.
1/16 DIN Panel Mounting Adapter Kits: These adapter kits are designed to mount the newer 1/16 DIN (48mm2) standard housing styles. One adapter kit allows retrofit format 72mm2 housing cutout to a 1/16 DIN cutout. The other three adapter kits allow easy mounting of one, two or four 1/16 DIN units, side by side.