652 Series Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer

The 652 Series Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer is a micro-processor-based timer with a 4-1/2 digit LCD display that can provide an indication of either preset time remaining or elapsed. There are five timing ranges covering time values from one millisecond to 199 hours 59 minutes. The unit has both an instantaneous relay output and a programmable relay output which can be programmed for any one of 14 different timing modes.

The timing range and mode are selected with an internal DIP switch. The time value is entered using the keypard on the front face. The programmed values are retained in memory and are secured in memory by a keypad lockout command. The kypad can also be used to perform secondary functions such as reset, immediate time out, time inhibit, changing the direction of the display, displaying the number of cycles run, and clearing the cycle counter.

The Model 652 is housed in a standard 15-terminal, plug-in, round case. Models are available for operation on either 120 VAC or 240 VAC.



  • Five Time Ranges From 0.001 SEC
  • Replaces Most Electro-Mechanical Timers
  • Six Single-Cycle and Eight Repeat-Cycle Timing Modes
  • Easy Programming 7/16″ High LCD Display
  • Sealed Faceplate
  • Keypad Lockout of Time Setting
  • Internal Cycle Counter
  • Data Retention Memory with EEPROM Circuitry (652-8-2000, 652-8-2001 Models)
  • Data Retention Memory with Lithium Battery (652-8-3000, 652-8-3001 Models)