Model 407C 1/16 DIN Multimode Timer

  • 1/6 DIN multimode timer
  • Selectable On-Delay/Off-Delay/Interval Timing Modes
  • Separate Start Input
  • Output Contacts rated 10A at 120/240 VAC and 30 VDC
  • Six Timing Ranges in a single unit:
    1 and 10 sec., min., and hours
    5 and 50 sec., min., and hours
  • Universal Power Supply; 24-240 VAC and 24 VDC
  • 48mm2 DIN Standard housing
  • Large and easy to read dial shows decimal points
  • Round (octal) socket mount or mount in panel cutout
  • Watertight when panel mounted
  • Range and Mode select are tamper proof when panel mounted
  • Unique flashing cycle progress indication

Multiple Timing Modes: The 407C is available with selectable On-Delay, Off-Delay or Interval timing modes. These timing modes energize a set of DPDT output contacts. When in the On-Delay mode, the 407C begins timing when the timer is energized. In On-Delay mode, the contacts transfer at time out. When in the Off-Delay mode, the 407C begins timing when the Start input is de-energized. In Off-Delay mode, the contacts transfer at time out. When in the Interval mode, the contacts transfer when the timer is energized. In Interval mode, the contacts release at time out.

Universal Power Supply: All 407C timers can be powered using 24-240 VAC or 24 VDC power, greatly simplifying ordering and inventory management of replacement units.

High Accuracy: The 407C’s timing circuit is not a simple RC circuit. It utilizes the sophistication of a proprietary integrated circuit that includes counting technology along with a stable oscillator to provide repeatable time delays.

1/16 DIN Housing: The 48mm2 (1/16 DIN) housing is compact and is watertight when panel mounted. The 407C is mounted in an 11-pin round socket. With an optional mounting clip, the 407C can be panel mounted.

The Dial on the 407C is extra large and is easy to read. When fractional ranges are selected, decimal points are clearly indicated.

The Mode select and Range select switches are located on the side of the unit, so that when panel mounted, these switches are not accessible to the operator. This tamper proof feature prevents unauthorized or hazardous changes to the timing mode and range from being made.

Cycle Progress Indication: The 407C LED indicator provides a unique and effective method of cycle progress indication. Off before timing, the LED blinks at an ever increasing rate as the cycle progresses; once every 3-1/2 seconds during the first 10% of the cycle, twice during the second 10%, and so on. At time out, the LED pulses at a high rate. (In the 1, 5, 10 and 50 second ranges, the LED is Off before timing, steady On during timing, and pulsing On after time-out).