356C Series Shawnee II Digital Counter

About the 356C Series Shawnee II Digital Counter:

  • Fast, Accurate and Bounce Proof
  • Easy to Set
  • Plug-In and Dust-Tight
  • Cycle Progress Indication
  • Computer Tested Reliability
  • Noise Immunity

A compact version of the 336 counter, the ATC 356 is its exact functional duplicate. Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN-size housing, it occupies 40% less panel space and costs proportionately less. Modern production and assembly techniques have all but eliminated hand wiring, enhancing the reliability and life expectancy of the 356.

FAST, ACCURATE AND BOUNCE-PROOF: The repeat accuracy of the 356 is 100%. It maintains full accuracy even at pulse rates up to 4,000/minute, even with pulses that are as brief as 1 millisecond, and even in the face of severe contact bounce, which it ignores by virtue of an extremely effective anti-bounce circuit.

EASY TO SET AT ALL TIMES: The Shawnee counter is easily and accurately set even with work gloves on. Push any of its four toggle levers in any sequence until the number you want appears above it. You can decrease as well as increase each number by pushing the levers up or down. You can change the setting at any time, even during a cycle.

PLUG-IN AND DUST-TIGHT: All 356 counters feature true plug-in design and can be replaced in seconds without disturbing the housing or disconnecting the wiring. The dial assembly is gasketed so that the counter body is dust-tight from the front of panel.

CYCLE PROGRESS INDICATION: The Shawnee 356 indicating counter provides cycle progress indication on the four-digit display located immediately above the digital setting number wheels. While the non-indicating Model 356 does not provide true cycle progress indication, it can be wired so that the legend light is on during the cycle and the pilot light flashes with each pulse.

COMPUTER-TESTED RELIABILITY: The solid-state 356 is manufactured from a series of computer-tested plug-in circuit boards and assembled virtually without hand wiring. Because it has no moving parts in its logic circuits, its life expectancy is practically unlimited. Even the load relay – the 356’s only significant mechanical component – has a life expectancy of 10,000,000 operations (no load). As a result the 356 achieves an overall reliability that surpasses even that achieved by previous Shawnee counters.

NOISE IMMUNITY: The 356 does not have to be shielded: its transformer power supply, full-wave bridges, buffered logic and other design characteristics render it immune to the electrical noise that is sometimes encountered in industrial environments thus eliminating false starts and reset due to voltage spikes.

SAVE 40% IN PANEL SPACE AND COST: Packaged in a 72 mm2 DIN-size housing, the 356 occupies 40% less panel space than previous IC timers. Modern production and assembly techniques have substantially reduced manufacturing costs resulted in a 45% cost saving.

LOW INVENTORY COSTS: Each Shawnee 356 covers the active count range of 1 to 9,999, easily satisfying the vast majority of industrial requirements and thus greatly reducing inventory expense especially for large users.