354C Series Shawnee II High Speed Counter

  • 4 Digit Display
  • Easy to Set
  • Noise Immunity
  • Plug-In & Dust-Tight
  • Control Versatility
  • High Repeat Accuracy

The solid-state 354 is manufactured from a series of computer-tested plug-in circuit boards and assembled virtually without hand wiring. Because it has no moving parts in its logic circuits, its life expectancy is practically unlimited. Even the load relay—the 354’s only significant mechanical component—has a life expectancy of 100,000,000 operations (no load), while the optional solid-state switch module has a virtually unlimited life expectancy. As a result, the 354 achieves an overall reliability that surpasses even the high level achieved by previous Shawnee counters.

CYCLE PROGRESS INDICATION: The Shawnee 354 indicating counter provides cycle progress indication on a four-digit display located immediately above the digital setting number wheels. While the non-indicating Model 354B does not provide true cycle progress indication, its pilot light signals when the counter is running.

EASY TO SET AT ALL TIMES: The Shawnee counter is easily and accurately set even with work gloves on. Push any of its four toggle levers in any sequence until the number you want appears above it. You can decrease as well as increase each number by pushing the levers up or down. You can change the setting at any time, even during a cycle.

NOISE IMMUNITY: The 354 does not have to be shielded: its transformer power supply, full-wave bridges, buffered logic and other design characteristics render it immune to the electrical noise that is sometimes encountered in industrial environments thus eliminating false starts and reset due to voltage spikes.

PLUG-IN AND DUST-TIGHT: All 354 counters feature true plug-in design and are dust-tight from the front of panel. 100% ACCURATE AND BOUNCE-PROOF: The repeat accuracy of the Shawnee 354 is 100% at all rated speeds, even in the presence of contact bounce. The 354 has two selectable levels of bounce suppression: a normal level which eliminates false counts at speeds up to 500 per second with reed switch inputs, and 5,000 per second with DC voltage pulses; and a high level, for speeds up to 80 per second with high-bounce contact closures (relays, precision switches, etc.).

HOUSING, IT OCCUPIES 40% LESS: Packaged in a 72mm2 DIN-size housing, the 354 occupies 40% less panel space than previous IC counters. Modern production and assembly techniques have substantially reduced manufacturing costs resulting in a 45% cost saving.

CONTROL VERSATILITY: The 354 operates either as a repeat cycle pulse generator or in single-cycle interval or delayed mode. You choose the kind of control action you want by installing jumpers on the terminal block. It also provides a choice of control output, a standard plug-in SPDT relay or an optional SPST solid-state switch module…plus an independent and separate DC output signal at Terminal 6.