313B Series Plug-in Adjustable Time Delay Relay

Through advanced circuit design and packaging technology, the 313B Series Plug-in Adjustable Time Delay Relay from the Automatic Timing and Controls division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation packs all of the performance of a conventional plug-in TDR in a space-saving housing.
The 313B Series Plug-in Adjustable Time Delay Relay further features a digital timing circuit which ensures high repeat accuracy and excellent noise immunity.

  • You can mount several ATC 313B Series Plug-in Adjustable Time Delay Relays in the same space as a single conventional TDR
  • A custom C-MOS integrated circuit accurately measures the dial-adjustable delay by counting the output of an internal oscillator. Repeat accuracy remains high even with variations in voltage, temperature and reset time
  • Two LEDs clearly indicate the operational status of 313B Series Plug-in Adjustable Time Delay Relays: one is energized when power is applied; the other is off during the delay period and on at time-out.
  • With a load relay capable of switching 7A resistive loads and a C-MOS design that protects components against noise and voltage transients, the 313B Series Plug-in Adjustable Time Delay Relay is built for industrial use.


  • 4 RANGES (AND MINIMUM SETTINGS): 01 -10 SEC; 05 – 100 SEC; 3 SEC – 1 MIN; 30 SEC – 10 MIN
  • LIFE AC: 50,000,000 operations (no load)
  • LIFE DC: 100,000,000 operations (no load)
  • TEMPERATURE RATING: 15° to 120°F (-10° to 50°C)
  • CONTACT RATING: 7A resistive 1/10 HP at 120V
  • MOUNTING: Plug-in optional surface-mounting socket with screw terminals; optional PC board mount socket and wire wrap
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS: 120 VAC 80 to 132V, 50/60 Hz, 20 mA 240 VAC 160 to 242V, 50/60 Hz, 13mA
  • SETTING ACCURACY: ± 10% of range at full scale
  • REPEAT ACCURACY ± 1% of setting or 10 ms when temperature
    and voltage are constant; ± 7% of setting when temperature and voltage change within specified operating limits
  • RESET TIME: 01 SEC during timing and at least 15 ms after time out
  • HOUSING: Dust, moisture and impact-resistant molded polycarbonate
  • WEIGHT:  NET, 2 oz; SHIPPING, 4 oz