304GX Solid-State Percentage Timer with Memory

  • Cycle Progress Memory
  • Latching Relay
  • High Accuracy
  • Convenient Adjustment

The 304GX operates like the 304G, only with cycle progress memory and a latching relay. The 304GX saves progress when power is removed, and will resume timing when power is reapplied. The relay only changes state when the cycle reaches the set point or the end of the cycle.

CONTACTS: The relay contact is capable of switching 10 A to a resistive 120 VAC or 30 VDC load. It is capable of driving a 1/3 HP load at 120 VAC.

CYCLE PROGRESS INDICATION: The 304GX has a pilot light that is on solid during the relay off time. It blinks at a faster rate during the relay on time: once every 3.2 seconds during the first 10% of the cycle, twice during the second 25% and so on.

HIGH ACCURACY: The 304GX’s timing circuit is not a simple RC circuit. It utilizes the microprocessor that includes counting technology along with a stable crystal oscillator to provide repeatable time delays.

CONVENIENT ADJUSTMENT: Graduated in easily read 1% increments, the 304GX provides continuous adjustment of on time between 5 and 95%.