When Timing is Everything.

Process engineers and machine designers alike turn to the Automatic Timing & Controls division of Marsh Bellofram (ATC) for their industrial timing and control requirements. These highly rugged, high-reliability products are engineered to provide accurate and repeatable timing and monitoring operations in all types of industrial environments, including factory automation, food processing, plastics, packaging, water treatment and many OEM applications. The ATC product family has recently expanded to include 1/16 DIN timers, TC/PID controllers, electromechanical timers, counters, solid state cube and plug-in timers, and time delay relays (TDR).

Need help for your application? ATC Application engineersĀ  are available for consultation and can be reached via phone at 800-727-5646 or by emailing at customerRFQ@marshbellofram.com.

Automatic Timing and Controls